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A support group for fans of 24

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I took the idea of club denial from my livejournal and made it a community. This is a support group for fans of 24 who need to take a break from the angst and pain. At Club Denial, we live...in denial!

Get a drink at the bar. Stay in one of our comfortable suites. Swim out to the yacht or just relax on the beach.

Remember, our motto is: That never happened.

Season 4 is starting on January 9th. This means new spoiler rules.

Until the new episodes start airing all season four conversation must be lj-cut. After the first episode airs the policy will be as follows:

1) All future news (including ads) must be lj-cut.

2) Each new episode must be lj-cut until the following Sunday. From then on it can be discussed without worrying about spoilers.

3) Conversations about previous seasons do not need to be cut.

If you have any questions, contact the club manager catch22girl.

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