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14th April 2009

dealan31112:19am: PILE UP INTO THE VAN KIDDOS!
Okay, who needs a drink?

1st April 2009

catch22girl10:16am: Wastin' Away Again in Denial-ville
Haven't needed this place in a few seasons. But considering the direction of season seven. I think it's time to once again open the doors.

*dusts off tables*

Anyone want a drink?

Here's a toast to antidotes!

8th March 2006

gwaevalarin11:51am: What season 5?
We just got to see season 4 over here and now I'm really confused: What is this season 5 everybody is talking about? Don't people know that season 4 was the last one? There is no season 5.
It all ended with this beautiful scene when Tony and Michelle drove towards their happy and fluffy future far away from CTU and then the scene faded out to "And they lived happily ever after." Image hosting by Photobucket
Current Mood: confused

17th May 2005

kentuckybelle6:41am: anyone home?
Yes, it's not even 7 a.m. yet, but after last night, I REALLY need a drink. Who's pouring?

23rd January 2005

jean_prouvaire10:22pm: Newbie in serious denial here.

In fact, I'm in twice the denial, because I'm a pretty new fan of the show, and so I'm working my way through Season 3 on DVD and watching Season 4 every Monday. So I've got two parallel planes of denial going on. I keep expecting Chappelle to show up at any minute and un-fire Chloe. (Ideally, this scenario would also involve Driscoll with a little paper-napkin mustache shouting "Curses! Foiled again!" and letting Tony out of the closet he's been locked in with Michelle all season and turning the job back over to him.)

Glad to find a support group for people like me who are suffering from "OMG THEY DID NOT JUST DO THAT" overload. :)

4th January 2005

buongiornodaisy11:24pm: TV Guide Article
Read more...Collapse )
Current Mood: dead serious

10th December 2004

catch22girl12:13am: Hello Season Four!
Hi again everyone! We're back from our fall vacation and ready for the next season at Club Denial.

I got a feeling this place might become very busy soon.

A lot of news is coming in about the new season so...time for a spoiler guideline update.

1) ALL season four information must be lj-cut until January 9th. Simply, this is so that people who are avoiding *all* spoilers can still enjoy the community.

2) After January 9th, the spoiler policy goes back to normal -- every new episode is lj-cut until the following Sunday, after that it can be discussed without worrying about spoilers.

3) Comments about previous seasons never need to be lj-cut unless they are very long.

That's it. Other than that, common courtesy, netiquette, etc are very good things and I'll give you chocolate for exhibiting them.

Brief season four comment -- not spoilery beyond the promos/prequel.

Season Four Promo SpoilerCollapse )

Welcome to Season Four! We're officially open.

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9th December 2004

buongiornodaisy3:10pm: YoCollapse )

22nd July 2004

spleeny1:24pm: Jack Bauer for President!
I'm here to officially kick off the Bauer for President movement. Feel free to take an icon and show your support and maybe we can get Jack into office either this November or by Season 5 (depending on how seriously you want to take this).

And remember, if Jack somehow loses, we don't have to admit it to ourselves. After all, we're in Club Denial!

ETA: I've set up a community for this campaign so I don't clutter up the Club with this stuff: bauer4prez.
Current Mood: Democratic

20th July 2004

divisionvixen5:42pm: *screams*
*stumbles to the bar*

I need a drink. And preferably Jack Bauer to give me a nice big hug and convince me that he's gonna kick someone's ass.

Because I'm SO in denial.

SPOILERS for Season 4Collapse )
Current Mood: cranky

13th June 2004

spleeny2:05pm: Hey, FX is having a three-episode 24 marathon starting right now (3 PM EST). I found out about it when I caught a commercial earlier and I didn't see anyone else mention it, suggesting that it wasn't advertised very well.

No clue which episodes they are... Ooh, the virus was just released in the hotel. Not sure about the others, though.

And the idea that FX is calling three episodes a marathon is sad considering the marathons we usually get are 24 hours. Oh well.

So, yeah, if you see this post, turn on FX right now. Unless it's after 6 EST. Then don't.

27th May 2004

Hey everyone! *waves*
I just joined and since 24 is over for this year I'm certainly gonna seek comfort in this community. ;)

25th May 2004

catch22girl1:35pm: Opening up the Bar
Drinks free all night long. Maybe into tomorrow morning. Remember to use the LJ-CUT tag and not mention anything in the subject line.

We can do this. It's all going to be okay.

Current Mood: nervous

20th May 2004

queen_kiwi9:24pm: Folks?

I don't know if you've all heard. You probably have...

What, exactly, we are in the process of denying right now at Club DenialCollapse )

But of course everything's all right... ;)

All drinks are free, just in case.
nbsarah6:00pm: Season 4 starts in September *shakes head*

I'm sorry what about January?

Didnt hear anything about it.

19th May 2004

kcountess12:59am: Up Denial Without A Paddle.
Cut just in caseCollapse )
Current Mood: Brain. Fractured.

12th May 2004

catch22girl1:25pm: Last night's episode
10-11 amCollapse )
Current Mood: relieved

9th May 2004

catch22girl3:14pm: Need help in denial
I've had terrible awful thoughts about how this season could end or what might happen in the next three episodes.

Club denial members - please help! Get these bad thoughts away and replace them with something happier.

Or barring that, more alcohol.

Current Mood: worried

4th May 2004

queen_kiwi10:33pm: ...So I forgot to keep a tally. So permanently disfigure me if Tony doesn't meet Saunder's demands. :P

Let's just all agree that we need a lot of drinks to cover this one.

(Side note from management: Their planes were delayed by an airline strike, but CTU Agents Chase Edmunds, Kim Bauer, and President David Palmer--along with his ex-wife Sherry--will be coming to Club Denial shortly.)

3rd May 2004

queen_kiwi10:25pm: In honour of tomorrow night's episode...

The 24 Drinking GameCollapse )

(I'm actually going to keep a running tally this coming episode...)
Current Mood: amused

1st May 2004

queen_kiwi10:19pm: Ladies and gentlemen:

The man of the hour...

CTU Agent Jack Bauer!

Now let's hear those questions. ;)

30th April 2004

queen_kiwi10:51pm: Hello everyone,

Just a quick update: tonight we have a special showing of 24, seasons 1 and 2, on the widescreen theatre downstairs, and a moonlight dance on the cruise liner (ferries to and from the ship are waiting at the southern docks).

As well, tomorrow we'll be welcoming another special guest--the man of the hour, so to say... CTU Agent Jack Bauer will be flying in tomorrow evening, followed by CTU Agent Chase Edmunds and CTU Agent Kimberly Bauer together on Sunday evening. All of them have agreed to the same Q&A as Tony and Michelle, so get your questions ready!

Oh, and next week... the challenges begin. ;)
Current Mood: optimistic

29th April 2004

queen_kiwi8:16pm: Can I have everyone's attention, please?

We'd like to extend a warm welcome to two very, very special guests tonight at Club Denial... please put your hands together for:

CTU Director of Field Operations Tony Almeida


CTU Head of Technical Operations Michelle Dessler!

Now we'll open the floor for questions...

28th April 2004

queen_kiwi11:40pm: divisonvixen, kcountess, labellamafia494, mosinging1986, and shoroko, your membership cards are waiting at the front desk...Collapse )

Just to let everyone know, we're receiving the first of our very special guests tomorrow...

CTU Director of Field Operations Tony Almeida and CTU Head of Technical Operations Michelle Dessler will be flying in tomorrow evening to stay at Club Denial, and they've agreed to a short question-and-answer period in the Grand Hall before they go up to their suite...

Quick list of rules for the Q&A:

1. Be nice,
2. Have fun, and
3. This is Club Denial, so no questions about any of the events of Day 3 will be permitted.

So, how are people enjoying themselves? :)
mosinging19868:53pm: Hi, all. I'm sure I'll be needing this place by the end of the season, so thank you. Denial is my middle name.

:::grumbles, might as well be, since my parents saw fit to not give me a real middle name. Hmph.:::

Whee, I SO need a vacation right now!
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